Still Plugging Away

So I've had this site up for a while but I haven't really done any updating to it. I know that I need to but I have been kinda busy making other sites and procrastinating like a bugger.

I'm quite pleased with my latest creation: Check it out. you might be as impressed with it as I am.

That's all for now dear diary. I'll try to update you more often. Or at least more often that I have been.

Happy Canada Day!

It seems like the weekends are just flying by and I am not getting any time to relax and enjoy doing nothing lately. I complain that three days off is only a tease and that the normal two are way to short.

I am starting to believe that those feelings are my fault and due to the fact that I spend my weekends working online, time is slipping away quicker than I want it to.

Anyways, happy Canada day everyone. It is currently July 1st 2013 and I am preparing for my canine to be cowering in fear from the various fireworks that will be encompassing my neighborhood. Poor little guy.

My last post was about being close to completion but this weekend, I will have it completely done and then I will be able to start advertising. I also bought my email address and apparently I have to wait up to 48 hours for it validate the MX records. My greedy nature wants it right now my but my patience is letting me wait for it.

So be prepared world, you are about to witness the birth of the best custom webdesign company that the world has ever seen. (Hopefully.)

Close To Completion

I have been pretty diligent over the past few day when it comes to focusing on this site. I will admit that there have been a few distractions in the forms of Minecraft and Motorcycles, but I am back on track and this site is looking particularly good and nearly finished.

There are just a few final touches that hopefully I can get done today. Then I will have to go and advertise the heck out of this site. That is where the real work begins. Hopefully I can make some viral cat videos that put the name of this site in front of millions of people.

I'm planning on doing offline marketing as well and that will probably be the best way to get people to really notice this site before I can get some online publicity for it.

So this blog is already interfering with the work that I have to do. I'll wrap it up there, pop a nicotine mint and get to coding. Bye now.

Working the Weekends

Because I still have no customers, I am required to work a 9-5 job in order to support myself.

I only have time on the weekends to work on this business right now because during the week, my energy is absolutely drained by my boring job.

I said that I have no customers, but that is only because I haven't been advertising. Once I finish building this site to perfection, then I will be spreading the word and hopefully the customers will come running to my awesome services.

It has been a few weeks since I said anything on this blog, but that is not because I have been slacking. It's purely due to the fact that I just don't have too much to say. I am a man of action and not words. This blog might be a little lacking because of those traits of mine, but I will still be trying to communicates with the public as much as possible.

So, it is time for me to get to work and I will be hopefully able to work on this site during the week too.

See You Next Time.

Dawn of a New Day

So I have been chugging away at for a while now and thought that I needed to add a blog section to the site. I think that it will be a great way for me to stay in touch with my customers and let people know more about me and who I really am.

As always I really have noting important to say in my first post other than welcome to the new direction that I am trying to achieve for my life.

Also, I think I will be adding personal stuff to this blog so if your want to live vicariously through me, just be aware that I am a bit of a hermit.

I Prefer To Write

Writing is a bit of a creative outlet for me. I see a lot of popular people on the YouTube that post videos of themselves just chatting away about whatever crap that comes across their minds, but that is just not for me.

I like to be able to pause for a good five seconds or so before I produce a thought that is going to be online for the rest of time. It's less embarrassing if I do it that way.

It's also a neat little way to get more attention for the various projects that I am working on.

This particular blog is hand coded. I thought about installing WordPress and making my life a lot simpler, but then I decided that I prefer absolutely clean code and the only way that I know how to do that is to do it myself.