Here is a complete breakdown of all of the online services that I am offering. If The deal on the right of the page is too much for you I am always willing to do whatever you need.

Web Design

I can easily make an attractive, small scale website that displays whatever information that you want it to. It is completely custom and not from a template to ensure that your site looks completely different from anything else on the internet.


If you already have a site up and looking awesome, but it has no place to go, I can host it for you. The cost depends on the size of your site.

Content Generation

I happen to be pretty handy behind a keyboard and have the ability to write about absolutely anything. If you are looking for content for your website, just give me a vague idea and i'll get it done for you.

Logo Design

I know that you are looking for something that will help you gain brand recognition and ensure that your company is just as memorable as any of the big boys out there. That is why I am offering this service with a money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with my work.

SEO Reporting

For a small fee I will take a look at your site and all of the links that are pointing towards it. I will then compile a full report with all of my recommendations that will help your site be more recognizable and loved in the search engines.

Light Marketing

A few quality links here and there is going to be enough to get your site recognized. This is a very mild form of online marketing that will ensure that no spam detectors will be alerted.

Heavy Marketing

This is the real deal that all of the major companies are looking for. I will be setting up Twitter and Facebook accounts and posting regularly. This will keep information about your business constantly updated, that is what users of the internet and the big search engines are looking for.


Not only do I have an eye for online design, I also have a flair for creating excellent photographs. If you need me to, I am willing to come to your business with my Sony a35 camera and take some glamour shots of you, your employees and your business to post online. Customers love to scope out a location before they arrive, that is why Google maps is so popular.

Full Web Service:

  • One Custom Website
    • Five Pages
    • Lovingly Crafted
    • Search Engine Optimized
    • Uniquely Yours
    • Hosting Included

  • One Domain Name
    • Your Choice
    • I Can Help Choose
    • You Own It
    • Yours To Keep

  • One Email Address
    • Matches Your Domain
    • More Are Available

  • Light Marketing
    • High Rankings
    • More Traffic
    • Free Customers

  • Excellent Service
    • Friendly
    • Agreeable
    • Attentive
    • Smart

  • One Week Delivery
    • Usually Quicker
    • I Aim To Please

When you purchase my services, you will receive a hand coded and highly effective website that will pull natural organic traffic and convert it into sales.

This is connected to your own custom domain name that is yours to keep, no matter how long you are a customer of

You will also get some of the best written content on the internet, unique to only your website. This will ensure that no one will ever think that your site is anything less than awesome.

Once your site is up and running, I will be doing some mild online marketing for you as well. This will make sure that people are actually coming to your site and the search engines will treat it with more respect.

All of this is yours for the low price of:

$199 + $10/mth

P.S. If you can find anything better than this, please let me know so I can adjust accordingly.