You Need A Website!

Did you know that nearly a bazillion people are using the internet? It's true and all of those people are all looking for something. Some of them are looking for exactly what you have to offer.

Having your own website can not only provide a needed boost to your current business but it can also generate additional revenue all by itself.

Most of the North American population carries around the internet in their pockets so at a glance they can find you. Without a website you are missing out on a potential avalanche of customers and sales.

The yellow pages were nice enough to include everyone but they have quickly become obsolete. You need better than just a listing, you need to stand out from the crowd. That is why you need a website.

I Can Help You.

I have been designing websites for the past decade for personal profit. It is only recently that I have decided to offer my skills to the public.

I am proficient in HTML5, CSS3, PhotoShop and other various programs and languages that you shouldn't really have to worry about.

Not only do I pride myself in the quality of my work, I am also an extremely honest and reliable person that is more than willing to please every customer.

If you want to see exactly what I can do then I suggest that you check out my portfolio and get a feel for exactly how talented I am in this particular field.

Marketing is Key.

Once your site is built, you are going to want as many people to see it as possible. This is where my online marketing services come in.

There has been a recent trend to mistake online marketing for search engine optimization, but those are two completely different things. The sites that I build are already optimized for search engines because the only thing that they need to be, is relevant to what the user is searching for.

My marketing services range from mild to wild and will ensure that you are gaining rankings, gaining traffic, and gaining customers. I also want to add that all of my marketing techniques are white hat. That means that I never, ever, ever, send out any form of spam, that stuff is just bad for everyone.

One More Thing..

I know that this is still just a small start up company but no matter what, you, the customer is always my number one priority.

I am striving to create the most highly recommended webdesign company in Durham Region and this means that I will be aiming for nothing except perfection while designing and building your website.

I am also extremely open to suggestions. In fact, the more input that you give me before your new website is built, the happier we will both be with the finished product.

Thank you in advance for choosing for your webdesign needs. If you are just browsing for the best deals in custom webdesign, I suggest that you bookmark this page now because you will definitely be coming back after you see the other options.

Full Web Service:

  • One Custom Website
    • Five Pages
    • Lovingly Crafted
    • Search Engine Optimized
    • Uniquely Yours
    • Hosting Included

  • One Domain Name
    • Your Choice
    • I Can Help Choose
    • You Own It
    • Yours To Keep

  • One Email Address
    • Matches Your Domain
    • More Are Available

  • Light Marketing
    • High Rankings
    • More Traffic
    • Free Customers

  • Excellent Service
    • Friendly
    • Agreeable
    • Attentive
    • Smart

  • One Week Delivery
    • Usually Quicker
    • I Aim To Please

When you purchase my services, you will receive a hand coded and highly effective website that will pull natural organic traffic and convert it into sales.

This is connected to your own custom domain name that is yours to keep, no matter how long you are a customer of

You will also get some of the best written content on the internet, unique to only your website. This will ensure that no one will ever think that your site is anything less than awesome.

Once your site is up and running, I will be doing some mild online marketing for you as well. This will make sure that people are actually coming to your site and the search engines will treat it with more respect.

All of this is yours for the low price of:

$199 + $10/mth

P.S. If you can find anything better than this, please let me know so I can adjust accordingly.